Wednesday, February 3, 2010

yes, I did really say that

As Andrew returned to school from a pretty nasty virus, he kept letting me know how much he wanted to just rest in his bed. I explained to him that I completely understood that. I knew he was tired; however, he really needed to be at school. As the morning passed, I went to his classroom to check on him. His teacher said that she had been trying to convince him to make the journey to my room so that I could examine him. He kept responding with, "My mom knows I don't feel good, she just doesn't care." After she had asked him several times about this, his response was:

You just don't understand my mom. She said that unless I was throwing up in front of her, or my leg was broken, I HAD to be at class. She would not listen to anything else I said.

All of this was stated with a dramatic flair and many hand motions to convey the desparation of his situation. Mrs. Hightower looked as if she was waiting for me to scold him - not believing that any mother would be so lacking in compassion and mercy. I had to admit, "Yes, I really did say that." She reminded me that I'm too hard on him..that he's really a sweet boy. (She spoils him, and we think she's the best 1st grade teacher ever!!) So, now Andrew's entire class thinks that his mommy is some horrible person. Each time I've passed their class line in the hallway, they seem to cower back as if I'm going to turn into some green monster with 3 heads. Little do they know all of those are the democrats in Washington filling Congressional seats.

Now, on the same day, Aaron was throwing a mortal fit because I had taken away something. He declared very loudly and sternly, "I want that. Give it back." Well, needless to say, I didn't respond well. After a swift pop on the leg, he declared with a glare, "That's not cool." Yes, he's only 3.

Now.... more of what I ought not have to say:
-Don't take your cherry icee into your bedroom and eat it while sitting on your crisp, clean WHITE sheets.

What I really ought not have to say in the same 24 hour period after I've stated the above:
-Don't take your cherry popcicle into your bedroom and eat it on the quilt your great-great-grandmother quilted generations ago.

Something I learned this week...
You have to tell a first grader that writing sentences due to misbehavior is considered discipline. So when I ask you if you've had any discipline at school, say YES if you've had to write a particular rule 25 times.


  1. Could you also add this to the "Things I ought not have to say" column? If you have already been told not to take a cherry icee or popcicle in your room, use some reasoning skills and figure out that I am probably not going to be happy about the fact that you took nail polish into your room and sat on the bed, using it to decorate my Pampered Chef wooden spoon. I'm just sayin'...