Sunday, February 21, 2010

Still trying to be thankful in all things

As I ponder the situation of a particular family tonight, I realize that I have so many things to be grateful for. With the sorrow and grief that will overwhelm this family in the coming days, I know (and they know) that God will hold them so very close. He will pour his compassion, grace, mercy and all of those other amazing gifts He has upon this precious family. Heaven will be a little sweeter, and one will receive that healing many have requested in prayer on his behalf. After all, He is the Great Physician. I've seen enough to know that the healing does not always come on this earth, and it doesn't always speak of physical healing. As I pray for this family and in a fury search for things I can do to help them in this time of need, a feeling of inadequacy spreads throughout my entire soul. Only God is capable of filling in this huge loss they are experiencing. I am just here to pray and offer a helping hand in the meaningless day to day tasks. Again, I'm honored He allows me to do these things. There are so many that are worlds better and more holy than me.
In the meantime, I'm thankful for the loud noises tonight. Thankful that my boys are healthy enough to be loud and run around the house even though it's waaay past bedtime. Thankful for a husband who loves me in spite of myself and because he wants to, not because he feels he has to. Thankful for a Savior who left his rightful place of royalty in Heaven to enter this dark and sinful world as one of us. Thankful that He will be with me no matter what lies ahead. I'm still amazed at what He teaches me. As I watch my brothers and sisters travel through those dark valleys, they are teaching me invaluable lessons just by their faith and unwavering walk with God. To all of you who continuously touch my life, thank you. Thank you for allowing God to teach me through you. May you be blessed in ways you've never imagined.

With all my love,

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