Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My thoughts on the recent ruling probably won't matter to many, but here it is. My constitutional right is now being used. You, just like me, have rights. I urge you to exercise them. I am well aware that by putting my feelings and beliefs on the web make me a target. If you think Christians are not persecuted in this country, you are wrong. It's not as severe as some places in this world, but it DOES take place.
In our small town, there are Christians who attend work every day. I know of one who does a very good job. We'll call this individual Joe USA. Joe is a hard worker. Never expects a handout, works hard for everything he gets. Joe has conservative views and does not vote for a particular party. Instead, Joe chooses the candidate most aligned with the standards God gives us in His word, the Bible. Joe helps others in need. Joe respects his employers. Yet, anytime Joe mentions God or religious beliefs - just in conversation, not beating people over the head with it - he is chastised and made fun of. In meetings, others ridicule Christians and make fun of them. Christians are basically ripped to shreds with the snide, rude, intolerant comments. Yet, these same individuals fail to ever help someone in need. They call others stingy, but refuse to share mere coins with someone who is in true desperate need of assistance. So, if you call me intolerant, I want you to take just ONE moment and tell me that Joe and many like him are not being discriminated against. In your mind, if you are completely honest, you must acknowledge that Joe is being treated unfairly. While, always standing by his beliefs, he is respectful and loves people just as our SAVIOR wants us to love others.
With that said, the Supreme Court has recognized who may receive benefits. I know there's a lot more to it, but for the sake of time and kiddos that will need my attention shortly, we are just gonna' go for the nutshell this time. The ruling does not anger me as much as the people who think they can rewrite what God defined as marriage even before the foundation of the Earth. And yes. I do believe He created it. I do believe He is the only God. I do believe that Jesus put on flesh and bore the ultimate punishment for our sin. Just so you know where I'm coming from. If it offends you, I'm not sorry. I've not been overbearing, I've not harmed you in any way. God decided what marriage is. He defined it. You can say what you want, but that does not make it true. I can stand on a street in the busiest city and declare that whales live in the middle of the Sahara. Does that make it true? Absurd, you say? That's not the same. Well, yes it is. I will not treat others hatefully because of life choices. However, I will NOT allow you to push your way into my home, the lives of my children and try to influence them that this is okay. It is not right. So, as I'm disgusted by the ruling, angered at people thinking they are higher than my God, I'm also frightened.
Yes. Frightened. Not so much for me, but for their soul. I know what God thinks of marriage. I know He values it as a precious institution that He ordained. He is protective of marriage - the way HE defined it. The way HE established it. The way HE created it. I don't believe I can even imagine the feeling these individuals will have when one day, facing The GOD of the universe, they must answer for violating His law, then also for trying to promote themselves to a higher level than Him. My wish for you is to now fall on your face and recognize His holiness, righteousness and saving grace before you must face Him after you life here is finished. This is not the end. We will see Him face to face. He will pass judgment on us. None of us are guaranteed another second on this Earth. We only have this moment. Don't waste it. Seek the face of God. You are not equal to Him. You are not better than Him. You are not beyond His reach.

For us as Christians, I believe He said......
If MY people which are called by MY name,
You know the rest.

Thank you for you incredible mercy and grace. Even though many seem to continually spit in your face and disregard your truth, you pour out compassion and mercy. You love us. You do not love our sin. Thank you for loving me and reaching down to me. You pulled me out of the reach of death and hell. I love you and worship your Holy Name. No one on this Earth can change Your truth and I am grateful that it will never change. Everything else could be removed from existence, but YOUR truth, YOUR holiness, YOUR righteousness, YOUR faithfulness is never changing.
Blessed be the name of the LORD!

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