Saturday, March 17, 2012

I should not read facebook.

Considering how opinionated I am, considering I know that I am opinionated, considering that ridiculous junk tends to tick me off, would lead someone to believe that I would not read stupid posts on facebook. WRONG! Usually, people try to stay away from things that increase their blood pressure to unsafe levels. Not me, why no, I just jump right into stuff like that. Not smart, you say? Yeah. I know. It's one of those many shortcomings that I'm working on.
The first is when individuals post all this junk about judging others and how it so very wrong and how it offends them and how the ones who judge will be judged themselves and on and on and on. I do agree that we should not wake up each morning in an attempt to toss out harsh judgements on others. I also think that most of these posts don't come from someone being judged unfairly. From what I've observed, these comments are usually random and targeted at some individual or group, it's just that none of us can figure out who the statement is targeting. For example, I responded to a post that contained quite a bit of profanity. I simply stated that I didn't think it was worth including all of the language. My point was, a story can be just as funny without the profanity. I'm not a saint. I'm not claiming to be. I just think that the language was uncalled for. (I also thought that coming from someone who claims to be a Christian, this language was completely inappropriate and a poor witness.) My statement was met with quite a bit of hostility, then I was confronted with a statement about judging others. I wasn't judging, just stating an opinion. So...let the drama begin. The list of complaints about me began. I once said that living with someone to whom you're not married (not just a roommate, you see where I'm going) is wrong. Yes, I did say that. Not judging. It's wrong. I believe the Bible is our guide to how life should be lived. In that book, it says that this is wrong. Judging and stating right from wrong are two TOTALLY different things. Some people are quick to throw up the fact that they should not be "judged" when they are not being judged necessarily. Many times, it boils down to the fact that someone has pointed out something that is not right in that individual's life. Now, there is a proper way to do this. It is intended to be done out of love, with compassion. So, all that to say this. Judging someone and vocally expressing belief in what is right are not the same things. I have come to believe that people who want to cry, "Quit judging me!" are usually the ones who just don't want to admit they are engaging in some behavior that is not in line with what it should be. Maybe I'm just tired of reading the "woe is me" and "look how hard I have it" posts. Maybe those who post statements about judging then follow it with, "I know some people who should think about this," should take their own advice and stop judging the people they claim are judging everyone else.
On the other hand, maybe I should read facebook. This is what I can get out of it:
I learn what all my kids will do as teenagers, so I can prepare myself with strategies to handle them.
I learn that my husband ROCKS.
I learn that some people only communicate with their spouse through facebook and that is annoying, so I don't use it that way.
I see what awesome friends I have.
I get see pictures of my niece in Arkansas.
I am entertained by stories of Parker and Reese.
I read things then call my cousin to talk about how funny they are because we don't text about everything that happens to us.
I DISCOVERED PINTEREST! and became addicted.
I have lots of e-friends.
I get to laugh at the fact when people post every event of their day and think that the world cares. (To one of my bestest friends --- girl, you KNOW I'm talking about you =0)
I get to keep a watch on my Weaver kiddos and make sure some of them are behaving.
I have something to keep me busy when I can't sleep and am tired of focusing on lesson plans.

Hmmmmm, I think I kind of like my life.
Much love - have a shamrockin' good weekend!

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