Sunday, March 28, 2010

A soapbox

One of the things my aunt tried to teach me as I was growing up was the art of knowing when to bite your tongue. Now, not only am I having to bite my tongue, but with facebook, I'm having to control my fingers. Those of you who know me best are aware that I have strong feelings and am usually not afraid to voice those feelings. Filtering my thoughts before they are verbalized is a daily battle for me. Instead of climbing on one of my MANY soapboxes and screaming loudly, tonight I'm choosing an alternate plan.
Anyone who has ever worked with preteens and/or teenagers knows that they are different. I teach preteens and absolutely love being with them, most of the time. They can increase my blood pressure to unsafe levels at times, but it is worth it. The pressures facing our adolescent population today are downright frightening. I see what my students face each day, and my heart breaks for them. The tough family situations some of my kids live in...well, it's amazing they can even function. The pressures and temptations presented on television, internet, other humans - it is completely overwhelming. If you are not already making it a point to pray each and every day for the young generation - elementary school through college - then I encourage you to make that a priority today.
What young minds have to deal with is appalling. Depression, viewing themselves as worthless, bearing the weight of tragic family situations, pondering the lack of money in their family just needed to make ends meet...
I am happy to say that I have seen some young people who are attempting to reach their generation. Last year, I had a student who frequently shared the plan of salvation with his peers. He was quite remarkable. Other students looked up to him and respected anything he did or said. I know they saw him living out the gospel on a minute by minute basis. Another student would routinely refer to the scripture his mom placed in his notebook every week. Hats off to this mom! I'm trying my best to support these students and others as they try to reach their peers for Christ.
I see college students away from home who are sacrificing their time to come to church and involve themselves in ministry. Nobody is making them climb out of bed. They are not being forced to practice their instruments and songs that are to be shared at church. Praise God for these individuals.
My prayer is that the young generation will be drawn to these individuals rather than those who are living a self-centered life while actively and willingly seeking the temptations of the world. The world needs more people like Collin, Mary, TJ, Walker, Brandi, Tony, and Aaron. I love you guys. Words will never express what you mean to me. Read Phillipians 1:3-5. Know that you are loved. May God bless you as you continue His work.

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