Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Contentment & trust

Contentment. Is it a state of mind? an attitude? a choice we make? Am I personally and solely responsible for my own contentment? I've found that contentment comes when I know - the absolute, completely sure kind of knowing - that I am where God wants me to be. At the beginning of this school year, I began to wonder if there was something else. Not necessarily because something was wrong, but I'd been in the same job for 10 years. Surely I'd accomplished all I needed to in that place, right? I mean, if I couldn't do it in 10 years, then I must be some kind of complete failure. I began to pray and I can say honestly seek God's will in this situation. It's not easy to send me messages - I don't pick up that quickly. Kind of like Gideon with repeated testing of the fleece and the dew on the ground. I don't doubt God, I doubt my interpretation. Anyhow, I asked that God would give me some strong convincing evidence that would lead me down the right path. The path that will continue from where I am now, or another path that will take one of those really sharp hairpin turns along the side of a really steep cliff. Slowly, God began to reveal the answer. This came through people who didn't even know they were being used to reassure me. Sometimes, God whispered to me during certain circumstances (some fun, some not so much). As time crawled on, unusually slowly crawling this year, I had an increasing sense of contentment settle over my soul. I know where He wants me. My contentment is a very close relative of my trust in God. Learning this has been somewhat hard. To experience contentment, I have to trust that God will equip me to deal with all that comes my way. I didn't say I was content with an easy situation. Even staying where I am, and loving it, there are still those fiery trials. One in particular is more like a massive incinerator burning at full force instead of a lovely campfire. I prefer the campfire kind of trials myself if I am forced to pick one. Anyhow, staying content as He walks with me in the fire can only come if I totally trust His guidance and ability to take care of me.
A precious missionary couple in Haiti is a prime example of contentment and trust. Pre-earthquake Haiti had its dangers and hardships. However, post-earthquake Haiti's dangers and hardships have increased exponentially. More than I could ever imagine.... This particular couple has sought God's will always, but especially in the past few weeks. Many people may think it selfish that they remain in Haiti and "cause their family worry". I have a different opinion. Actually, I think it's more than opinion, but rather the "right" way of viewing this situation. If my narrow mind offends you, then feel free to quit reading and go recycle something to make the world a better place. Here it is---selfish has NOTHING to do with it. The contentment they have in their situation comes from actively seeking God's will for their lives and where He wants them at this time. I praise God for their family's support. Will their families remain concerned for their health and wellbeing?? You bet. That's what mothers do best isn't it? However, this family realizes that their children are focused on the thoughts of the ONE that matters. God. He has a purpose and a plan for them. Some precious Haitian will walk the streets of gold in our heavenly home because of these precious servants of God.
It doesn't really matter where you are or who you are. Contentment will come in that precious place where the Father wants you. He loves you more than anyone else, so He's not going to abandon you in His will for your life. I am blessed beyond measure that He chooses to use me. I am so unworthy to work for Him. Yet, He picks me up where I am. He helps me get to where I'm supposed to be - and He doesn't even need GPS.

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