Thursday, May 5, 2011

'Tis the Night Before Relay

Alright, if you aren't familiar with Hebrews 12:1-2, then you need to read it.

My relay team is centered around the theme of endurance, which we was inspired by these verses.

My personality:
high maintenance

So, to say that I'm pumped about relay is not a surprise to many. I get excited about a lot. A pair of bright pink heels that match my dress, peanut butter cookies, college basketball, comfy pillows... So what? Tracey's excited about something else. Big deal. Yep. It is a BIG DEAL. Not just big, but H - U - G - E!
Tomorrow, as the sun rises on those soccer fields, activity will be pretty much along the level of ...none. As the sun rises in the sky, so will the level of activity. A few tents dot the landscape this evening, but tomorrow the army will march in and establish their territory. Tents will be staked. Banners and signs displayed. This is our way of marking our territory in the battle against cancer. You will notice signs for the various teams. We have raised money, collected donations, washed cars, worked concession name it. It's been done, all in the name of Relay for Life. Hundreds will gather for a time of fellowship and fun. A time to celebrate those victorious in the battle against cancer. A time to remember those who fought an amazing fight, those who fought until they inhaled that last breath on this planet. A time to fight back and let cancer know we are ready for a world with more birthdays.
I wonder what it will feel like to be at my campsite surrounded by those who love me and support me every moment of every day with their selfless contributions to my life. I wonder what it will be like as I walk that survivor's lap with a group of people who are probably much braver and stronger than I'll ever be. I wonder how heavy my heart will be as I tie an orange ribbon around Cassie's torch. A mix of emotions flood my soul as I ponder my walk through the garden of luminaria. I know what I think it will feel like, but I also know the actual event will overwhelm my spirit.
Here it is. 'Tis the night before relay. Already, my heart races at thoughts of the survivor's lap, then pain rips through my heart as I think of those that I wish were still here to walk with me. Truth is, where are they now. Well Cassie is walking around something much better than a survivor's lap...streets of gold, getting to chat with people like Paul, Esther, Moses, and Abraham. Elizabeth Russ, I just can't help but imagine a conversation between her Ruth, and Naomi. So, as my heavy heart misses these precious ones, I know they are experiencing the ultimate victory. Life with our precious Savior.
Well, I'm ready for my lap. Reminding myself that each step is not in vain. Each step that is taken is a resounding "We're not finished yet." Cancer, get ready. You may have broken our hearts. You may made life difficult for a season. But, you haven't seen the last of us. We are ready to run this race, fight this battle.
As you approach the actual relay site, there's nothing particularly special about the site. The special part is what's happening there. A spirit of determination. Perseverance. Hope. As the sun sets, the night grows dark and long...know this - the sun will rise again. What a sweet feeling as those first few beams hit your face after the long dark night. A sense of joy, perhaps? Just when you think you are too tired. When the night seems too dark, you can't see the end. Know this...JOY will come in the morning. You are not just relaying. You are enduring, persevering...showing your loved one that you are aware of the rough road a cancer patient faces. You are showing the caregivers that you are behind them and support them as they sacrifice so many things to care for that precious one they love. As a survivor, your presence there, speaks volumes. Each step you take shows me that you are IN the battle with me. I must say, I have the best set of warriors by my side! Wouldn't choose any different if I could! I love you, thank God for you, and am THE most blessed individual on the planet.

Much love,

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