Friday, April 29, 2011

Encouraging Friday

Well, I was down for the count today...chemo side effects. However, my heart has never been so encouraged as it was today. Good gracious, Alabamians have gone far beyond the call of duty to help their neighbors. I am proud to say that I think we some of the best government officials in the country. As I watch not only Walt Maddox, but other officials, they are handling each situation and circumstance with care and compassion. How God has blessed our state!
As I listened to the radio, each station seemed overwhelmed with requests. Now, these weren't requests from people seeking help...these were requests from people desiring to help others. Churches, schools, groups, individuals - all seeking to meet so many of the needs. I know many in this country look down upon Southerners, many scratching their heads as to why one would want to live here. Well, this is why. God is using His people to meet the needs of others. I am just so excited to see what He will do in upcoming weeks and months.
Now, I do have to give credit where credit is due. Many of you know that I disagree with most of what our current President stands for. However, watching footage of him in Alabama, I was so grateful to see the compassion in the eyes of President Obama and the First Lady. What's even more exciting is that they got to witness true southern hospitality as citizens helped each other begin the arduous task of rebuilding lives after this disaster.
I do have to say, not only am I proud to be a Southerner, but I am proud to be from Alabama.

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