Saturday, January 23, 2010


As I look around my house, I see small handprints everywhere. It seems that my children feel it is their obligation to touch every square inch of surface anywhere. Then the thought of all the germs sends a nauseous feeling throughout every fiber of my being. (Then thoughts of a certain person's blackberry.) Lately I've been thinking a lot about fingerprints. It could be because I watch way toooo much DEA, Manhunt Fugitive Task Force, and the First 48. Anyhow, we all have a unique fingerprint that God carefully designed. Sometimes I wonder how much fun He must have had doing that. As I reflect on recent circumstances, it's as if I can see His fingerprints on the situations in my life - the good and the bad. Forensic scientists can connect a person to a place because of their fingerprint. People can be confirmed innocent or guilty by the presence (or lack of) a fingerprint. I know God is present during times of great happiness or the greatest sorrow. His fingerprints confirm that He is all over the situation. I have a former student who visits frequently. He is a true prayer warrior at the ripe old age of 12. Whenever something scary is happening, he is the first to say, "It's under control. God's in it. He doesn't leave His children. Now, let's pray. The bible tells us about these times. We should expect them. Now let's pray specifically that God will guide us through it." Yes I have this memorized. Since I'm a high-maintenance Type-A personality, I flip out quite easily. A change in schedule can prove scary to me. So, I've heard this quite often - therefore commiting it to memory. God's in it - His fingerprints are all over it -- He's got it under control. His fingerprints have been on the lives of so many greats: Joseph, Job, Rahab, Ruth, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Mary... The list goes on and on. He's been at it for a long time. Maybe the show Dirty Jobs should do an episode on God. I know He must get tired of digging me out of these messes I manage to jump into more often than I'd like to admit. I'm glad he doesn't mind getting dirty, or leaving fingerprint evidence behind.

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  1. God's in it - His fingerprints are all over it -- He's got it under control. LOVE THAT! I need to remember that!