Monday, September 5, 2011

I can only imagine...

As I sit and contemplate the meaning of next Sunday, I am speechless. Yes, I know. For me to be speechless is a significant event. Almost 10 years ago, our country was attacked. An attack launched by a bunch of cowards. I'll never forget that day. This week, somehow, I will attempt to convey a message to my 5th graders. A message that celebrates the heroic efforts that began on that day.
Even though there was some good, some positive that rose from the smoke and debris that day, it still feels as if a knife is tearing through my heart when I think of all the hurt caused from such a vicious act.
At times like this, I wish that I could escape to my heavenly home and sit at the feet of my Jesus. Just to be able to see things as He sees them. To live in His presence, abide where there is no night. I long for that day that each tear will be wiped away and sorrow will not be allowed to enter His kingdom.
I wonder if my granddaddy is up there trading some stories from his war days, some that he probably never shared with any of us due to the pain it would have brought to his heart recalling such wretched events. Maybe, just maybe he's been able to wrap his arms (now healthy and perfect, no longer feeble) around some public servant that responded to the call on 9/11 and give them a, "Good job, son. You made us all proud."

Please pray for my precious Zach Howard and his family as they battle each day. Also, Rebecca Richmond, Bayleigh Phillips, and the family of Lindsay Steltenpohl as they continue to heal. We serve a mighty God who sees things we can't imagine. He has a plan and it is perfect. He will execute His perfect plan in HIS perfect time.

What I'm thankful for today:
-being married to the most patient man on the planet
-God giving me the chance to be the mother of three precious boys
-living in a country that is home to so many heroes that put their life on the line each day, both here and overseas in combat zones
-the opportunity to work with my 5th grade kiddos
-the rain
-watching 3 little boys sleep in their beds, one more day when they are all healthy

Much love from a witness of one of  God's great miracles,

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